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Whether hangin’ in the ION Lounge, Participation – or both!- we’ll see you on the 2017 ION Tour – beginning to end – coast to coastal love and vibe, along with one massive, ionfluential lifestyle marketplace. Bringing it to you live.

Did you do a little “rotation” with the Rotarians and Ride with the Tide in 2016? ION Finisher’s Fiesta attendees – enjoyed the ION Nutrition Village which featured Mercedes Benz, Nosh Organic, Pei Wei, Vons, In n Out Burger, Aloe Gloe, Harmless Coconut Water, Dasani Water, Perry’s, Soul Fitness LA, Keller Williams Real Estate, Two Men and a Truck, E3 Vehicles among others.

ION Sports – Queen of the Beach Activation

Can you say "pro"tein? Who do you have your ion? And PEI WEI - a little more ION Family friendly

ION Nutrition Feature: Rubios

Ralph Rubio, Founder of Rubios, SDSU Grad


Enabling mill.ions to succeed. Worldwide service for our aspiring ccc friends - content creators in the community! Distribute (and monetize) your cool video or show anywhere around the world yourself! Look for it in ION Version 2017.03.


You gotta know Rys Millen... Red Bull Global Rally Cross Champ.ion on ION - along with Travis Pastrana, on the LA Waterfront.

Local Ioncubation: Daily Fix

Disruption, too!