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ION Tour 2018 – The Run

The Run, founded by Dr. Dennis Godby – is perhaps the most visible initiative in the Natural Health Practitioner world – outside of the National Convention. In this rendition and ionitiative, The Run will cover 31 states – one at a time – to complete America’s demand for Natural Medicine in each state.

Of course, the 2017.09 version of is intended to initiate and activate the public, State Capitols, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) and hundreds of thousands of runners. We’ll keep you posted at and on ION – in all 25,000+ cities in North America. Meanwhile, learn more »

In 2011, The Run compelled the nation from coast to coast… Moving Natural Medicine Forward. Now – The Run is Moving Naturopathic Medicine to All 50 States…

What is Natural Medicine?