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iontroduction-whatPart of the collaboration driven ION Network, the Network of Champions, ION is a consortium of local and global channels dedicated to continuous improvement, economic and business development, quality of life and fun for youth and families.

ION is your network, to load your videos, show off your talents, business and generally, deliver good, positive vibes.

Watch local shows, buy local goods, create new revenue streams and business opportunities for you and your family. Have a new business idea or you would like to scale your current business? Let’s roll!

Have your own show, video, product or service? ION will incubate, market and distribute it! The ION Audience Network is massive, yet hyper-local, hyper-targeted. We have the entrepreneurial tools and experience to help you focus and scale.

Produce a fresh event? Very cool – let’s make it cooler and get more sponsors and participants!