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Digital & Print Platform Opt.ions

ion-publishingHere it is – our ION Publishing Menu Opt.ions…

For ION Shows & ION Studios Opt.ions, please refer to Show & Studio Opt.ions

Since you know that a “coup” is a means of “capturing”, we have created yet another innovative way to iontegrate with your other ion solutions. and capture customers who will remain plugged-in because you are, well, being a collaboration partner for youth and family success.

Coupions enable you to “Give Front” to benefit youth sports, entrepreneur and leadership activation programs here in our community.

Print advertising in ION is available in easy to remember sizes. They are:
01. Fool Page
02. Halftime
03. Spare me a Quarter
04. Carded

Rates are based on repetition. The more you buy, the more you save – and the more you will convert prospects into buyers. It’s called conversion. We like repetition and conversion because they are ion words that deliver. Together, we’ll continuously improve your conversion rates and reputation.

For companies who can benefit from reaching the community every month, but who do not require large space or frequent copy changes, Min.ion ads are an excellent value. Min.ion ads are 1.5″ wide by 2.25″ high and may run for 6-12 issues. And they are only $44.95 per issue. Cool, eh?

In the old days, there were classifieds. Now there are “Direct.ions. These awesome print/online listings cost as little as $15.00. Direct.ions are charged on a per-line basis, depending upon frequency. Pre-payment by cash, check, MasterCard, VISA, or Discover is required. Submit your own today or call us.

In addition to our ad network and robust video submission opportunities, ION offers six fresh super-effective options for marketing directly on one or more of our channels:
1) Headstrong (720×90 px) | Available on top of all pages and posts
2) Town Square (250×250 px) | In-Article Integration
3) Village Vertical (250×500 px) | Available on channel sidebars
4) Stripper (50×500 px) | Available on header/footer of all pages + posts
5) Winning Side (250×125 px) | Available on channel sidebars
6) Quote Me (125×125 px) | In-Article Integration

These ioncredible ad units are ionlinked to your Direct.ions landing page.


ION is published every month, but your digital ad, video, etc are live 24/7. Your deadline for the receipt of all (print) reservations and advertising materials is the 15th of each month prior to publication.


• Ad design and setup are included in the cost of advertising. Your ION Team will design and prepare display and digital ads at no additional cost.
• All press-ready ads should be submitted as a PDF or TIF. JPG or EPS may be submitted, but we do not guarantee their print quality.
• If your ad is smaller than a full page, please include a minimum (.5 pt) hairline border on all four sides. If you don’t, we will add one.
• Please note that ads submitted at an incorrect size will be modified to fit.
• 300 dpi is the preferred resolution for submitted artwork. (eps or tif files are best)
• Please embed all fonts – otherwise we reserve the right to replace those fonts with those we have. Reverse type should not be any smaller than 10 pt. size to ensure legibility.

We offer the back cover, inside front cover, page two, inside back cover and center spread at premium rates. Other ads with specified placement will be charged an additional 25% on applicable ad rate (when available). With the exception of paid premium positions outlined above, ION will indeed guarantee the position of any ad if requested.

• Please submit color ads as CMYK. Otherwise, ads submitted with RGB or spot colors will be converted to CMYK.
• Black-and-white ads must be submitted as black-and-white or grayscale. “Rich blacks” (black composed of C, M, Y, and K) will be converted to grayscale.

You shall assume full responsibility and liability for all content (including pictorial representations and graphic artwork) of advertisements placed in ION and you shall assume full responsibility for any claims arising therefrom hold ION harmless from any and all expenses or losses, including, but not limited to: attorneys’ fees and legal judgments, incurred or suffered by ION, by reason of any and all claims arising out of the publication of any advertisement placed by advertiser.

And yes, ION reserves the right to approve or refuse all copy and creatives.

QUEST.IONS? Please call 310.721.7017 or drop us a line below. Live Chat is also an option.