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Dave Behar, Founder

ion-san-pedro-behar-cover-sDave Behar, Founder, CEO and Chief Executive Athlete of the ION Network – is in “Give Front” mode, He doesn’t “give back”, he gives forward – that is, ionvesting in people – enabling and ioncubating projects, brands, companies and ionitiatives to work and succeed. ionitiation, monetization, scale and exitation – whatever the ambition is.

Behar, a leading edge personal brand and business development expert and noted / quoted entrepreneur, has spawned or enabled individuals and companies at the highest levels in local, national and global media, television, sports and nutrition products, Internet, Mobile and social media technology – serving as ionspiration for youth and their families, while speaking on campuses and in neighborhoods nationwide.

Locally, he is helping our town, “us” succeed by putting many of these experiences and methodologies into play – collaborating with us at all levels, to better enable, as residents and businesses – to prosper with our products and businesses, stories and opportunities.